So, you want to protest...


Travelling to/from the event:

  • We recommend you travel "unbadged" so as to not identify where you are going, especially if you're travelling alone or in a small group.  It's different if there's a large group of you; there really is safety in numbers.
  • Make sure that you tell someone where you are going, and let them know that you've arrived safely, and when you've got home again safely too.


Whilst at the protest:

  • Remember why you are there:- You're there to protest against the Government, not their supporters.
  • DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THE OPPOSITION - THEY ARE OFTEN ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR CONFRONTATION.  It can be difficult at times, but try to remain calm, and if you see someone struggling then try to help them to withdraw from the situation. 
  • Do wear a reversable coat or carry a lightweight waterproof that you can slip on over your main clothing. Changing your appearance can prove useful if you're getting unwanted attention.  Other ways of doing this include carrying several hats which you can switch between.  Sunglasses are also useful; Putting them on and taking them off again dramatically changes your appearance, as do ordinary spectacles.

N.B.  This is not about concealing one's identity, it's about safety, and being able to transit to and from protest sites untroubled.

  • There is likely to be a large police presence at organised demonstrations. The Police are there to protect all parties, so if you feel threatened in any way, please do talk to them.  You are exercising your right to peaceful protest and they are there to uphold that right.  In most cases they are incredibly supportive. 
  • There are always calls from the far right to counter our protests, and in the majority of cases their uptake is pitifully small, so please don't be overly concerned, but do remain alert to the possibility.
  • As a final point, please remember: If you feel uncomfortable with any situation, just walk away, and preferably not alone. Enjoy the protest, stick it to the man, but stay safe.



Livestreaming Video - advice:

If you want to livestream video from your protests there are several ways to increase the chance of this being seen.

If you use Twitter then you can download Periscope from iPlayer or Google Play. This App is produced by Twitter so you can link into your Twitter account. Then when you record and want to stream live video you can do so and publish to your Twitter account. Tag us @ResistUK1 and we'll spread the best vids far and wide :)

Facebook also allows Live streaming, but remember this will only be seen by those you allow access to your Facebook page.

Youtube also allows live streaming but does depend on your account being set up to allow this. You are less likely to get a big audience unless you retweet a link later, and again, feel free to tag us.



Support relating to protests:

green black


Green and Black Cross run a website that includes an enormous amount of useful material. We recommend you visit the website and download some of their pamphlets as an aid to you and your fellow protesters.

Protest guides can be found here

These include:

Key Advice when Going on a Protest

Filming and Photographs at Actions



Protest Support Line: 07946 541 511



And how about something to wear?

05 09 2019 09 14 23tshirt


DEMARCATION DESIGN is the home of Anti-Brexit and statement apparel, designed to be equally wearable at protests or in everyday life.


All of their products are custom-made to order, and printed in the UK using 100% toxin free, organic, vegan-friendly ink. 


*A proportion of the profits from these t-shirt sales is kindly donated to ResistUK.



Posters, Banners and Leaflets:

Simply click on the required image and then "save as" (the full sized versions).

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